Story Circles

About Story Circles

Stories started way before human beings learned to keep records and sitting in story circles dates from that time. A story circle is a kaleidoscope of human experience – it is based on intuition and connection. In Story Circles I explore the red thread of story, that inexplicable connection we have where each one adds to a collective truth and becomes enriched in the process. This is not a space of performance, debate or therapy – yet it can be a healng space. It is a communal creative ancient experience where the possilitlies are endless.

story circle

pink star iconWho Could Benefit:

Literally anyone – My intergenerational, Corporate Burnout, Empty Nesters, Recently Retired Groups have all given excellent feedback on this genre of Storytelling / Storymaking.

pink star iconWhat would we cover:

Each group discovers a different landscape to cover – finding out is part of the Story Circle Experience. Groups have fed back that they felt a renewed sense of belonging and community, a renewed energy for a life, a paradigm shift with a positive effect on their problem solving skills.
Maria runs Weekend Story Circle Groups and Classes in Cork and Kerry. If you are interested in story circle in the future please Get In Touch.