Some travellers on the #StoryRoad make a few visits to the stones of Cobh Co. Cork. Famous for being the second deepest Harbour in the world it is FULL of stories. The last sighting of land by the Titanic, where the Lucitania was scuppered by a German U-Boat bringing the USA into World War one. The home of Cobh Cathedral visited by hundreds of Irish Immigrants as the last port of call before leaving Ireland. The tradition is to stand under the Statue of Our Lady at the front door of the church so you will be held safe in her mantel until you reach your destination. It is the place from which Annie Moore - the first signatory in the book of immigrants under the Statue of Liberty - left. New York made a presentarion of a statue depicting her leaving Ireland to Cobh. The twin statue can be found in New York making her historic arrival. This is the tip of the iceberg of the stories Cobh has to offer!