Storymaking Workshops – The Hunt Museum, Limerick

The Hunt Museum

Storymaking Workshops – The Hunt Museum, Limerick

Welcome to my world on the #StoryRoad where I meet the most magical and creative people. I call my Story Business, “Story from Seeds” because amazing things can grow when we give our imaginations free reign. I am based in Cork City, Ireland – my wonderful rooting place to fly in all directions spreading story seeds. I am lucky to have come from a family of storytellers where I was told stories by my Great Grandmother, my Grandmother and my Mother. Who told you your first stories? Can you remember what it was like to sit in the magic of a story being woven in your imagination from the words of another? This is why I am a passionate storymaker and storyteller.

Maria Gillen

Storymaking Workshops

When designing workshops I find that the format is as varied as the wonderful people I meet along the #StoryRoad. Stories are age blind, they take no notice of borders or boundaries. They are time travelling shape shifters that take on the shape of the container they are currently flowing into. I am constantly learning in the co-creation of weaving words and ideas into stories that can captivate, inspire, and move audiences. Using skills from my family line (received stories going back to 1879), my interest in the healing story and skills gathered as I studied for my M.A. in Dramatherapy – I have found I am an eclectic learner and workshop provider.

The Hunt Museum

The Hunt Museum - Limerick

The next Storymaking workshop is set to take place at The Hunt Museum, Limerick. The Hunt Museum is an ideal location for this event, providing the perfect atmosphere for creativity and storymaking. It sleeps in the crook of the meeting of two rivers, one fast flowing bringing its own chameleon kinetic energy – stretching into the future, impatient to know what comes next. The other is slow moving, swirling in the patterns of Celtic Knots, keeping ancient truths moving to consciousness as you come to silence at the River Bank. The Hunt Museum is known for its collection of art and antiquities, the museum itself offers endless inspiration for storytellers, writers and artists. Simon Thompson, is an amazing host and a skilled storyteller as I found out when he brought me around the Museum bringing the exhibits to life with his enthusiasm and knowledge – definitely a man who loves his job, an incredibly infectious energy.

Date & Time

If you find yourself in Limerick on Saturday, 24th February 2024, join us for the weaving of stories from the echoes of St. John’s Island. The workshop is scheduled to run from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM. This is a unique opportunity to sip the skills of the storymakers that handed the storytelling gift on to me, meet like-minded individuals, and immerse yourself in the magical world of storytelling.

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If you like what you see in this little introduction, I also organise Story Circles – a space where like hearted, like spirited people can gather and share their stories. These sessions are not just about listening and telling stories; they also involve discussions, feedback, and collective story building. It’s a space where stories grow, evolve, and take on a life of their own.

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